The Loyalty Program Built For Your Business

Whisqr encourages your customers to spend more, bring their friends, and return often

Let your customers help to build your business

Fits Your Business Like A Glove

Right from the start, the Whisqr Loyalty Program was designed to focus on the needs of businesses just like yours. That’s why we provide business with branded paper and plastic cards as a standard option. It's why we provide a customizable customer mobile experience, business branded online registration, on-location display materials, email announcements and notifications, reporting and more.

Stay in touch

Customer loyalty is all about building relationships and relationships are all about communication. The Whisqr Loyalty Program helps you automate and customize your communications with your customers and respond to a wide range of critically timed triggers and events. We'll help your business increase customer frequency and retention, up-sell and to aquire new customers.

Not just Buy 10 get 1 free

Legacy style loyalty programs all work on some variation of the same old thing: Buy enough of something and get one free. But there may be many other profitable customer behaviours that are also valuable to your business. Whisqr's creative use of modern technology will provide you with the means to encourage the customer behaviours that are most profitable.

For All of Your Customers

Whisqr lets customers use your Loyalty Program in the way that feels most comfortable to them

Maximize Participation

Loyalty Programs that require customers to download an app or scan QR Codes can significantly limit customer participation

The simple truth is that many customers prefer to use a physical card. And many businesses find value in having customers carrying a beautiful card with their branding and message, as well as an incentive to visit; where they can see it often

And for tech savvy customers who prefer the convenience of using a mobile punch card; your business can provide customers with the very best in a customized mobile loyalty experience.

Our subscription packages include high quality paper or plastic punch cards. Our "Established" package features customly designed cards using your business's branding and message.


We revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers. Our success has been driven by your passion for customer satisfaction.

“We tried another loyalty program that just didn't meet our needs. I was thrilled to find a rewards program with flexibility and functionality we needed; while still being super easy to use!
Thank you!”


Andrea B. Pilgrims Way Manager

“Sweet program! Great ability to personalize rewards, and tailor to our specific needs. Simple to set up, and simple for my staff to use and understand.”


Jenni S. Scoops Ice Cream Owner/Manager

“Our customers are so happy with how many different ways there are to gather punches. I have a very competitive couple of customers that race to see who can collect the most punches. It's very funny! Thank you. ”


We have a package to suit your budget:


Our free software is fully-featured and has everything you need to build a successful Loyalty Program for your new business. This package is for Do-It-Yourselfers.



You want to get a little extra help making your Loyalty Program great. Get expert support and regular, small shipments of our high-quality, generic punch cards.



You want a top quality Loyalty Program and you want someone to take care of all of the details for you. Get an expertly designed and customized Program using your business's branding