Customer Loyalty with a Punch

Whether your business is just starting or established

We have a package for you!

Loyalty Programs are an important part of any successful venture

Customers want to engage with businesses that they feel appreciate them and loyalty programs are a way to show your appreciation for their patronage and encourage them to do more business with you. Whisqr is dedicated to developing effective loyalty programs for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we offer different packages to suit their different needs.

Just choose the offering that fits your operation


We understand cashflow can be a challenge.

That’s why our free offering has everything you need to build a successful loyalty program for your new business.

This is a complete Loyalty Program.

Businesses have access to:

No Software Limitations
Powerful, flexible features
Reports and Insights
Customers choose between using a card or their mobile device
Software automatically generates print files
Use a Tablet to advertise your Program and Specials at your business

…and always will be

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Your hard work is starting to pay off.

You want to get a little extra help making your Loyalty Program great.

Get expert loyalty program support and effortless card printing.

Businesses have access to:

Everything in the Starter program plus
50 Attractive Generic, Unbranded Punch Cards per month
Customer Support
Display Materials

$19.95 Per Month

Plus shipping

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Let's do this Right!

You want a top quality Loyalty Program and you want someone to take care of all of the details for you.

Get an expertly designed Loyalty Program using your business's branding

Businesses have access to:

Everything in the Starter program plus
Professionally designed cards and display materials
Card printing when you need it, included as part of your subscription.
That's Right; you get all of the cards you need included with your Subscription*.
Customer Support
Display Materials

Paper Cards

$85 Per Month*

Plus a $180 Setup Fee

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Plastic Cards

(with breakoff keychain tabs)

$175 Per Month*

Plus a $280 Setup Fee

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*Price based on a single location. If you require an estimate for a larger or differently organized business; contact,, If a business requires an exceptionally high volume of cards; we reserve the right to graduate that business to a larger package as per our Terms of Service (Section 8.2).